Waking up

I think at times it's the most challenging and the most unlikely thing we can do. But waking up to our lives can be a gateway to our truth and our best selves. Our waking up can mean living life with unencumbered freedom to be our unique one-of-a-kind souls. We are either living out each God-given day, or not. 

Waking up to WHAT is surrounding us this very moment, to WHO is surrounding us this very moment. Soaking in the gifts that each and every one in our past and our present bring to us, even when those gifts are sometimes realized far down the line. Our interactions and relationships with one another are what we give to them, make of them, and learn from them. Because when we don't fully tune in to what we learn from one another, or when we can't see the ways in which we help each other to grow, we lose out on a gift that could have been. I've certainly been guilty of this.

At risk of sounding a little kumbaya, I know down to my core that we all help each other to continue to live out our most true and beautiful selves. Our selves that radiate outward and strengthen other people in ways that matter.
We just need to stay attuned.

I see the how-to manual for "waking up" as a very different and continuous process for each of us. Sometimes our processes are hard and painful. Other times they come to us with the subtlety and lightness of a feather. 
Either way, when we're fortunate enough to take notice and stay awake, I think we enter into a kind of grace. Maybe even the amazing kind.

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