September 26, 2019

The Golden Hour

Golden Hour

That hour or so after sunrise and before sunset makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside with good reason. The sought-after "Golden Hour" refers to the 60-ish minutes following sun up  or right before sunset when hues take on a warm, natural glow that lends itself well to so many types of photography. Because the sun is low in the sky, it becomes easier to hone in on back-lighting and the projected orange glow creates warm welcoming visuals. 

I took this image in Leadville, Colorado last weekend after setting out in the dark of the early morning several hours south. I'll never get tired of being able  to see the colorful transitions of the sky and the landscape as the sun comes up. No matter the location, the scene is always new.  As long as you can convince yourself that you love getting up at 4am, you're golden. ;)

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