September 15, 2019 - Leading Lines

Friday the 13th Full Moon

I have a thing for a full-moon rising. Probably like a lot of people. Our family has recently moved into the mountains of Colorado, so I am still getting to know the new landscape, surroundings, weather, animals and foliage, and the rhythm of it all. This past Friday the 13th brought with it the first full moon on such a day since October of 2000. So naturally, despite not having quite the right equipment or familiarity of the land, I headed out to witness the moon rise. I climbed a bit to be able to get above the highway and above surrounding houses. What I accidentally found was a perfectly rustic rural fence line that seemed to go on forever. As I waited for the moon to peek above the horizon, I realized how great the fence was as a visual guide to draw my eye from the foreground to the mid-ground near an Aspen Grove, then up to the full- moon, and finally to the mountain ridge nestled in the left background. Leading lines in an image are powerful. They help to balance the composition by connecting the foreground with the background, allowing the viewer to make sense of the depth in a particular image and guiding the eye toward the main subject or simply toward the space furthest away in the background. Kind of sparks the imagination, doesn't it?

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